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Want my cork mats in your store? Great!

Why carry my cork?

PC: Raul Zea @monoespacio

PC: Raul Zea @monoespacio

People Love them!

I have countless testimonials from hundreds of happy customers all around the world who love my mats. They bring a smile to people's faces and set their listening space apart from others. I get messages and emails from people almost every day who want to share their record set up just to show how much it ties their room together.

"Hey Andrew! The mat is working out great, I love it! Really helps the highs sound so crisp and the lows sound so full. I’m planing on buying another one soon. I’m on the lookout for another turntable, maybe a vintage dual and I’ll need another mat from you as icing on the cake. Thanks again!"

- Shelby @shelby_denim on Instagram

Increases Sonic Clarity

While a cork mat isn't going to make or break the sound in your Hi-Fi set up, it certainly can give that upper edge! We all are looking for a better sound. If we weren't we wouldn't be into vinyl! Cork mats can help provide more clarity to the bass and mitigate the needle catching vibrations from the motor. 

"I was very skeptical about the claims that a cork mat for my turntable would improve sound quality. It sounded like some sort of snake oil pitch. I was wrong. The simple addition of a beautifully made cork mat by Andrew, not only improved the sound quality, it looks incredible on my vintage hifi system! The reduction in static, increase in bass, and mitigation of motor/belt sound traveling to the stylus is amazing. I cannot recommend this enough to my fellow music/stereo enthusiasts."

-Dustin Lanterman
@Mr.Lanterman on Instagram

turns heads and ears! a real eye catcher

My mats offer a unique look to your player that sets you apart from others. We spend so much time making our audio set ups look great. From the furniture we choose to the silver-face receiver with large VU meters and wood grain. Function over form is important in the audiophile world, but why not have both? I offer a variety of styles to fit into perfectly with any room

“The only drawback of the handmade slipmats by Andrew (@fullforcehifi) is that now I really like to see my turntable without any records.”
— Raul Zea Founder of Casa Santo Y Sena

I offer great margins!

At the end of the day, I understand that you have to make money. I offer great margins that get better with larger orders and free shipping to the entire US. Please message me if you’re interested so we can go into more details about the value of my products in your store!

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