Cambria Cork Mat
Cambria Cork Mat
Cambria Cork Mat
Cambria Cork Mat
Cambria Cork Mat

Cambria Cork Mat

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Meet the Cambria Cork Mat, a monochromatic marbled turntable slip that will reduce static, prevent needle vibrations, and beautify your listening space. When you lay this mat on your turntable for the first time, not only will you notice the deeper base and sharper tone, but you will feel more at home in your listening space. In fact, this soft white mat was named after Cambria, California because its muted style is reminiscent of those sprawling, foamy coastlines and rolling green hills. By pairing this mat with your favorite record, you will be transported to the peace and quiet of the west coast on a foggy morning, and your turntable will never look better.

    • Made from pure, 100% Portugese cork 
      • This high-quality cork improves sonic clarity by reducing static to provide a sharp, full-bodied sound
      • Fun Fact: Most cork mats on the market consist of a rubber/cork mixture, effectively dulling the anti-static properties
    • Hand cut and crafted using traditional leather working tools
      • Each and every cork mat is cut by hand in Huntington Beach, California
      • This quality-over-quantity method of production guarantees flawless results and an authentic, rustic design
    • Cut to a nearly universal size and shape
      • Each mat is made to a standard size that fits most vintage and modern turntables alike. However, if you have any questions or concerns about sizing, message me!
      • For example, Full Force Hi Fi cork mats will sit comfortably on most record players and DJ turntables, such as Technics SL-1200, Marantz, U-Turn, Audio-Technica AT-LP120, Rega RP1, Sony, etc.
    • Approximate Dimensions
      • 295mm x 295mm wide
      • 3mm (1/8") deep

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