About Me

Hello! My name is Andrew...

...and I am passionate about the importance of a great audio experience. My goal with Full Force Hi-Fi is to transform your listening space into something special. From those one-of-a-kind 70's receivers to the Record Store Day posters hung on our walls, each of our music rooms tells its own story. Why shouldn't your record mat play a part in that story?

Full Force Hi-Fi is home to a collection of handcrafted slip mats that sit on your record platter to add style to your turntable. Every mat is hand-cut from 100% cork which means that no single pattern is alike. Your record player will pop with one of my mats, even when your colored vinyl is in it's sleeve. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to message me to ask me any questions, to suggest a custom order, or just chat about what music you're listening to!