• Jarrett New - Vinyl Eyezz

    "It's really, really beautiful. It's got a nice texture to it... And cork record mats as we know improve the bass response of your vinyl. That is not a myth! It looks really nice... Really beautiful!"

    Vinyl Eyezz's Youtube Channel 
  • Raúl Zea - Founder of Casa Santo & Seña

    "The only drawback of the handmade slipmats by Andrew (@fullforcehifi) is that now I really like to see my turntable without any records."

    "El único inconveniente de los slipmats hechos a mano por Andrew (@fullforcehifi) es que ahora me gusta mucho ver mi tornamesa sin discos."

    See Santo y Seña 
  • Eric Callero - Vinyl Rewind

    "I highly recommend this product. It performs well, the price point is right on, and the product is gorgeous. With all that I give this my highest rating of 5 pompadours out of 5"

    Vinyl Rewind's Youtube Channel 
  • Shelby Denim

    "Hey Andrew! The mat is working out great, I love it! Really helps the highs sound so crisp and the lows sound so full. I’m planning on buying another one soon. I’m on the lookout for another turntable, maybe a vintage dual and I’ll need another mat from you as icing on the cake. Thanks again!" 

    Shelby's Instagram 
  • Devin - Founder of Diamond Lane Coffee Co.

    "Such a great addition to our setup. It really elevates everything. Sound, look, and vibe."

    Diamond Lane Coffee Co.'s Website 
  • Dustin Lanterman

    “I was very skeptical about the claims that a cork mat for my turntable would improve sound quality. It sounded like some sort of snake oil pitch. I was wrong. The simple addition of a beautifully made cork mat by Andrew, not only improved the sound quality, it looks incredible on my vintage hifi system! The reduction in static, increase in bass, and mitigation of motor/belt sound traveling to the stylus is amazing. I cannot recommend this enough to my fellow music/stereo enthusiasts.”

    Dustin's Instagram